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  • Aktuelles - Computerunterstützte Gruppenarbeit und Soziale Medien | Universität Siegen

    Wir schreiben zwei Master/Bachelorarbeiten zu folgenden Themen aus: HCML: Human-Centered Machine-Learning (UX-Design & AI) und Blockchainbasierte Kollaboration..

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    Call for Papers: Social Media in Crises and Conflicts at ISCRAM 2018 – PEASEC – Wissenschaft und Technik für Frieden und Sicherheit | Technische Universität Darmstadt

    ****Call for Papers: Social Media in Crises and Conflicts at ISCRAM 2018**** If you are interested and want to submit a paper find more information here:..

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    YALLAH! You All Are Hackers.

    Apply now for 2018! 🙂 “YALLAH – You All Are Hackers” is an academic research hackathon, organized by the University of Siegen (Germany) and Birzeit..

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    • EmerGent: Emergency Management in Social Media Generation

    Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Media


    We are an interdisciplinary research group of the University of Siegen dealing with IT-supported cooperations between humans.

    Particularly we deal with questions of the arrangement and acquirement of cooperative software systems in organizations, questions about communication based knowledge management and also with the support of communities. The last topic involves questions of social structuring by and with information technology (for instance in the fields of E-democracy or in civil security).

    Computer-Supported Cooperative Work / CSCW is an interdisciplinary field of research which includes not only methodology and contents of Computer Science and Information Systems, but also disciplines of business administration, organizations theory, ergonomics, sociology, psychology and anthropology/ethnography. Seen from the view of Computer Science CSCW is a subarea of Information Systems and HCI (Human-Computer Interaction).

    There are close cooperations with the chair of Information Systems and New Media (WiNeMe), the School of Media and Information (iSchool), the Institute of Media Research (IfM), the DFG-Collaborative Research Center Media of Cooperation (SFB 1187), the DFG-Graduate School LocatingMedia, the SME Graduate School and the SMI of the University of Siegen, as well as with the International Institute for Socio-Informatics (IISI) in Bonn.