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Robotics: Human machine interface (HMI) for controlling robots


Marios Mouratidis

Raum: US-D 105
Telefon: +49 271 740-4535

Mobile: 0176 64130013


Short Description

Collaborative robots have found their way into industry and manufacturing. They are supposed to work with humans and are advertised to be easy to program and use. The machines can be programmed by direct physical human interaction. It can also be programmed on screen through an IDE. But how intuitive is the handling of the robot? Can the interaction be undertaken in a more natural way? What role can AR and VR applications play?

The core of the work is to directly control an industrial robot through an AR/VR application and program it.

#ur10e #robodk #unity #vr #ar


The team will work closely with the supervisor. Regular meetings to track progress and especially tackle issues will need to be scheduled. At the end of the project a project report (including a guide on how to use the system) and possible source code, assets need to be handed in. Collaboration with other project teams might serve helpful.


  • 1. Clarify student idea and the concrete outcome based on student expertise (mock-up and/or programming implementation)
  • 2. Workplan/Milestone planning
  • 3. Iterative design
  • 4. Continuous feedback from the supervisor
  • 5. Submission project report


This project can be adjusted to fit option A, B, or C depending on the level of difficulty and specific interest of the student(s). This project can start as Project A and be continued as B, C and also lead to a Master Thesis.