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Evaluation of Crisis technologies: Appropriation as collaborative work


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Hussain Abid Syed

Raum: US-G 006
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Project ‘KontiKat’ has developed different applications for learning, collaboration and management of crisis events. These solutions include chatbot application, collaborative framework for data visualization, risk analysis and decision-making platform etc. These solutions are grounded in practice within different faculties of work articulation in small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Generalization being a norm in software development demands that applications to follow the ‘one-size-fits-all’ principle which can restrict the usage and utility of such applications across various sections of any domain. On the other hand, domains of practice like small and medium enterprises operate with the principle of versatility and ‘unique-selling-point’, ranging from manufacturing to services and from being IT-based to handicraft companies. This leads to the question which this topic will try to uncover, the question being:

Can there be a sense of generalization when it comes to crisis solutions usage in small and medium enterprises?

This project will use the applications developed in project ‘KontiKat’ for evaluation in SMEs. The evaluation phase in the design life cycle is often followed by the appropriation of technologies to practice and usage within the application domain. We will further investigate the phenomenology of appropriation as collaborative work or a chance to establish bottom-up routines in strict management frameworks such as SMEs.


  • Project B and C
  • Master/Bachelor Project
  • Master/Bachelor Thesis


  • To be decided in collaboration with students


This project can be adjusted to fit option B, or C depending on the level of difficulty and specific interest of the student(s). This project can start as Project B and be continued as C and also lead to a Master Thesis.