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Identifying the buying patterns through qualitative research


Hussain Abid Syed

Raum: US-G 006
Telefon: +49 (0) 271/ 740 – 4410

Short Description

The ongoing corona crisis has created a great deal of turbulence in the lives of a common man. We can see people buying more than required and stocking items of everyday use in excessive amounts. This is creating disparity in the supply-demand of consumer goods and hence a cascading effect reaching the distributers, retailers to the manufacturers. What factors are responsible to cause such a drastic change in consumer behavior? Project “Kontikat” is working with “zivilgesellschaft” or civil society to identify these factors and to understand the changing human behavior in an ongoing crisis. We employ ethnographic methods such as interviews and observations for data collection and grounded theory method for the analysis of data.


  • Projekt A
  • Project B
  • Project C
  • Master/Bachelor Project
  • Master/Bachelor Thesis


  • To be decided in collaboration with students


This project can be adjusted to fit option A, B, or C depending on the level of difficulty and specific interest of the student(s). This project can start as Project A and be continued as B, C and also lead to a Master Thesis.